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Ann Arbor Shares March A200 Bicentennial Announcements

Thank you to everyone who came out in January and February to celebrate the bicentennial. Find out what is coming in March 2024. 

Ann Arbor celebrates city’s 200th birthday in style, bicentennial poem recited

Mlive - Local author John U. Bacon was the MC for the Bicentennial Kickoff event at the Michigan Theater on January 19. A bicentennial poem was recited by poetjournalist Aaron Dworkin and a bicentennial tile by Motawi Tileworks was unveiled.

Ann Arbor to Be Inclusive in its Bicentennial Celebrations

WEMU - "Throughout the year, there are going to be occasions and celebrations, and it's going to look back on how the city got to this place and time and look ahead to what can be done to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community."

AAPS History Education Group and AADL Help Make History Come Alive for Students

AAPS News - In preparation for Ann Arbor’s 200th anniversary, a group of AAPS teachers is curating historical photos to enhance local social studies lessons.

Ann Arbor to Adopt New City Flag in Honor of Bicentennial in 2024

MLive - “A well-designed municipal flag can bring joy to a community, unifying its members and instilling civic pride,” the resolution states. 

Ann Arbor Prepares Bicentennial Celebration Throughout 2024

Michigan Daily - The city is gearing up for its 200th birthday celebration with the help of the Ann Arbor Bicentennial Coordinating Committee. 

Ann Arbor Shares February A200 Bicentennial Announcements

Celebrating a city's 200th anniversary is not an everyday event. Thanks to the community and the Ann Arbor Bicentennial Committee, dozens of fun, unifying and meaningful activities are planned throughout 2024. 

"Old Fashioned Civic Pride" Cocktail Created

At the Bicentennial Kickoff Celebration Venue by 4M offered their specialty cocktail, "Old Fashioned Civic Pride" to attendees. They're keeping this themed cocktail on their menu throughout 2024! Make sure you try one the next time you're at Venue.

1800s Ann Arbor Life Depicted in Concordia University Oil Painting Gallery

Mlive - Longtime Ann Arbor resident James Irwin loves the nearly 200-year-old history of his city. An art collection in his name depicts dozens of examples of Ann Arbor’s early days.

Ann Arbor Taps ‘poetjournalist’ Aaron Dworkin to Help Celebrate Bicentennial

Metro Times - The Michigan Theater Foundation recruited Aaron Dworkin to create six poetry compositions that reflect the town’s 200 years of history.

Ann Arbor is Turning 200: Here’s a Look at the City’s New Logo

All About Ann Arbor - The City of Ann Arbor has released a new logo in anticipation of Ann Arbor’s 200th birthday in 2024.

Ann Arbor 200 Bicentennial Project Aims to Explore City’s History

MLive - It’s been almost 200 years since John Allen and Elisha Rumsey founded Ann Arbor, naming the territory in honor of their wives and the area’s plentiful bur oaks.

Celebrate Ann Arbor’s 200th birthday with this Zingerman’s Roadhouse cocktail

Mlive - How do you pack 200 years of history and culture in a cocktail? If you’re Zingerman’s Roadhouse, you celebrate and focus on local. Stop by the Roadhouse to try the the Bee-Centennial ‘76. 

Call for Bicentennial Mural Artist Proposals

City of Ann Arbor - Are you an artist? Artists are invited to submit proposals to design a mural in​ recognition of the city’s 200 years: past, present and future. Create a meaningful design for The Ann Arbor Bicentennial Murals Project. 

City Shares Bicentennial Planning Progress & Opportunities for Community Involvement

City of Ann Arbor - As Ann Arbor approaches this milestone, the committee is providing status updates and emphasizing community involvement.

Here’s What to Expect for Ann Arbor’s 200th Birthday Celebration in 2024

MLive - Ann Arbor’s bicentennial is a year away and community leaders are starting to plan how to properly recognize the 200th.

City of Ann Arbor Gears Up for Year-long Bicentennial Celebration

WEMU -  The planning is going on for the city of Ann Arbor when it celebrates 200 years since its founding in 1824.

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