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The logo--a big blue “A200″ on top of small font celebrating the bicentennial--has several nods to the city’s past and present. Blue font represents the University of Michigan, while the “A2″ part of the logo refers to one of Ann Arbor’s many nicknames. A gold-and-green tree sitting on a small river represents the 1.45 million trees in the city and the Huron River.


The “A200" name and logo comprises many different elements that are uniquely Ann Arbor: 


  • A2 is Ann Arbor's clever, inviting nickname. 

  • Has it really been 200 years since Allen and Rumsey? 

  • Blue is a nod to the U-M, a mainstay in our community. 

  • Gold represents the special “shine" of 200 years and our town's permanence and legacy. 

  • Our “Arbor" has 1.45 million trees! They don't call us Treetown for nothing. 

  • Our beloved resource, the Huron River, is named after the Native Americans who lived here first. ​

The Bicentennial logo was created by Julie Roberts of Kindling Creative.

The Bicentennial logo will be shared with event organizers and others who wish to use it on their promotional materials. Logo requests can be directed to


In addition to logo files for print and digital application, a brand guidelines document will also be sent to ensure proper logo usage. 

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